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Free Mini-Course:

How to Craft Morning and Evening Routines


Do you ever feel like you are starting your day already behind schedule?

How often are the same daily tasks hanging over your head causing mental clutter and stress?


Do you wish your mornings could just go smoothly without all of the rush and tension


In this short course, Jenny will take you through the entire process of creating and executing key routines that give you a head start to your day, and allow you take care of those daily to-dos, conquer the crazy, and take charge of your day!


Chaos to Cultivated:

A busy mama's step-by-step guide to organizing her time and doing what matters.


What keeps you from thriving in motherhood? 

Too many expectations? Too much to do?  Not enough time?  Feeling stretched too thin?


Want someone to walk with you, step-by-step, through the process to finally hit that home-managing "sweet-spot"? 


In this new online course: Chaos to Cultivated, I share with you what took me one engineering degree, 4 kids, and over 10 years to learn: How to manage your time, get done what you need to, and have time left over for the things that really matter.


FREE Worksheet:

Unravelling the Lies that Mamas Believe


We as mamas have bought into the lies of this world that keep us discouraged, frustrated, and feeling like a failure. In this worksheet you will:

  • Learn to spot the lies that mamas believe that keep you from thriving!​
  •  Unravel those lies with truth from God's Word. 
  • Get a workable plan to help you believe the truth that brings freedom.

A Thriving Foundation

Goal-Setting Essentials for Everyday Success


Thriving in motherhood never just happens.  Before we know it, days, weeks, have passed and we still feel behind and overwhelmed.  

With this workbook, you will:

  • Learn practical steps for setting goals for you and your family
  • Create priorities and values that you can use to guide your day to day.
  • Stop floating through your days and begin to thrive!

What is Thriving Mama Academy?


I so very much needed this today!! I've been struggling with homeschool, parenting, marriage, and just LIFE because of the pressures the devil wants to pile on me. I'm not taking time for God like I should, so I'm having anxiety issues, therefor I'm not sleeping well, I'm overtired and strung out, so I want to sleep later than I should ... so I wake up and tell myself 50x that I need to get out of bed...all while I'm on my phone"trying to wake up." And then I'm not spending time with God and the cycle continues. Then the guilt and shame, not only from not spending time with God, but from my abominable behavior toward my family from lack of sleep and an empty cup...Satan has me right where he wants me! I just told my sister-in-law this afternoon that I'm told constantly when talking with people about trying to get out of my depression and anxiety, "Start. Pick a place and start." It sounds SO easy! But it's not, especially when EVERYTHING is a mess! Now I realize where I need to start! THANK YOU!


 - Diana

(Ft. Worth, Texas)

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