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"When you take your HEALTH into your own hands and believe; powerful things can happen!! In the past nine months I have learned to push myself, discipline myself, and MOST importantly LOVE myself!! I have found a balance in my life that has brought such happiness and peace to it!
-Weight Loss +40lbs, Balanced Blood Sugars, Balanced Hormones, Regulated Cycles, No more depression, Energy, Sleep quality improvement, No more night sweats, Muscle Definition, No more muscle aches and pains, Fast recovery from workouts, youthful looking skin, nails and hair...... should I keep going?"*
Whitney and her husband were overworked, and over tired. She wanted something to change, but wasn't sure what she needed to do.
And then she started on her new journey to better health.

"After two weeks my migraines disappeared and my chronic fatigue from an under active thyroid started to disappear!
I now have so much energy!"*

She has never felt better and loves sharing her testimony with anyone that will listen. She has found financial freedom she never thought possible and says she owes it all to making her health a priority.
"I felt crappy all the time, was fatigued all the time, and even started to feel arthritic. Not good! Within 30 days (after a year long battle of trying just about everything) I am seeing incredible changes. The mom who used to climb back under the covers when my kids left for school, and didn't get ready all day, is now conquering the world by noon each day. No naps needed!! I am able to get up, get myself ready, run errands, prepare meals, help with homework, help my design clients, exchange emails with teachers, and on and on. It feels so good.
 My health is my number one priority because my family deserves ME!!!"*
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