Learn to Thrive on Purpose
Motherhood is challenging at best, and many of us are just getting by, just trying to survive. You CAN learn to thrive in your mothering. 
There are so many voices telling us what kind of mother we should be. It can be hard to know which are true, and which are lies that the world is just trying to sell us.  Unravelling these lies can be our first step in learning to thrive!
About Me
Helping Mamas Thrive
Several years ago, I was struggling with having enough physical, mental, and emotional energy to stay on top of all of the demands of being a wife and homeschool mom. I was so frustrated by the gap between all I had to do, felt that I should do, wanted to do, and my energy level to accomplish them. 
Over the past few years, I have learned the secret to thriving.  I've learned how to get filled up and fully charged, physically, spiritually, and mentally, so that I can give to my family out of the overflow instead of the dregs.  Now, it is my passion to share this insight and wisdom with you!
Thriving Spiritually
We are constantly pouring out to others as mamas. The only way to thrive, is to be constantly filled up, and the only unending source is God. 
 We must be connected to Him and be receiving from Him if we desire to have anything of value to give to those we love. 
This is the essence of thriving! 
Thriving Physcially
Are you ill? Are you getting enough sleep? What about nutrition and exercise? These are all aspects that we must address if we want to thrive physically .
Thriving Mentally
 Perspective is everything when talking about thriving mentally. We are in a battle for our minds, and thriving  means we submit our thoughts to Christ and His Word, we learn truth and combat lies, and we learn techniques to help us in that journey.  And we must remember the body-mind connection and care for our physical bodies.
Thriving Emotionally
Our physical and spiritual health is completely connected to our mental and emotional health. If we desire to thrive emotionally, we must prioritize our spiritual and physical health!

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Real Results From Real People
"When you take your HEALTH into your own hands and believe; powerful things can happen!! In the past nine months I have learned to push myself, discipline myself, and MOST importantly LOVE myself!! I have found a balance in my life that has brought such happiness and peace to it! 
-Weight Loss +40lbs, Balanced Blood Sugars, Balanced Hormones, Regulated Cycles, No more depression, Energy, Sleep quality improvement, No more night sweats, Muscle Definition, No more muscle aches and pains, Fast recovery from workouts, youthful looking skin, nails and hair...... should I keep going?"*
Whitney and her husband were overworked, and over tired.  She wanted something to change, but wasn't sure what she needed to do.  
And then she started on her new journey to better health.

"After two weeks my migraines disappeared and my chronic fatigue from an under active thyroid started to disappear!
I now have so much energy!"*

She has never felt better and loves sharing her testimony with anyone that will listen.  She has found financial  freedom she never thought possible and says she owes it all to making her health a priority.
Whitney j.
"I felt crappy all the time, was fatigued all the time, and even started to feel arthritic. Not good!  Within 30 days (after a year long battle of trying just about everything) I am seeing incredible changes. The mom who used to climb back under the covers when my kids left for school, and didn't get ready all day, is now conquering the world by noon each day. No naps needed!! I am able to get up, get myself ready, run errands, prepare meals, help with homework, help my design clients, exchange emails with teachers, and on and on. It feels so good. 
 My health is my number one priority because my family deserves ME!!!"*
Molly C.
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